Is the Bloating and Discomfort From Seroma?

If it is not seroma, what else it can be with same symptoms? I'm bloated and tissue is super soft between scar and pubic area. If I walk it feels pushing down, if i turn on my side on bed it moves by gravity. It's not painful but I feel a lot discomfort. My Dr check with a syringe and told me I have no fluid, he got a bit of blood. I had The timmy tuck a month ago and condition is progressing. What should I do? I'm scared. Please help me.

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Post tummy tuck complication

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You may have a hematoma based on the syringe drainage reported. An MRI would be beneficial. Some hematomas will resolve with time but others require opening the wound for drainage. If you think your condition is not improving, return to your plastic surgeon for followup.

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