Seroma to Lower Back Removed After Body Lift

had circumfrential body lift with liposuction 8 weeks ago. formed a seroma at central lower back area. drain placed 3 weeks ago. drainage slowed to below 30cc x 3 days then has begun to drian close to 40cc now. color of drainage in the last 48 hours has become more concentrated in color- not pale, clear like before. more amber -no blood. wearing the compression garment 12hours/day. why the color change in the fluid and why the increase in fluid?

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Beltlift Seroma

The fluid color does not appear to be unusual. Seromas after body lifting procedures are not uncommon and are usually treated easily in the office. Percutaneous (needle through the skin) drainage is done first with or without sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy involves placing a medication into the seroma pocket in an effort to seal the pocket from the outside.This works in a vast majorityof cases. If this doesn't work then another drain should be placed and removed when the fluid output reduces appropriately. Finally, if the seroma is not resolved with another drain then surgery may be needed. This is not commonly needed however. 

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Seroma to Lower Back Removed After Body Lift

The amber color is the usual color of serous fluid that can cause a seroma. When drainage has some blood cells in it it is called serosanguinous fluid. Your body has cleaned up all the blood cells that were loose in the wound and now is left with only the serous fluid that leaks from around the cells in the body.This will eventually decrease and go away in the usual course of healing, however, if it does not you may need to have some medication injected into the wound to cause the pocket to co lapse and scar together. I would strongly suggest you limit your salt intake and wear the compression garment 24hours a day until this is resolved.

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Seroma after body lift

Its good that your surgeon placed a new drain to treat your back seroma.  Don't worry about the color variance in your drain output.   Please keep stripping the drain (removing any clots in the drain tubing) and record the daily output in mLs.  Its OK to see a transient increase in drain output.  This can occur due to many reasons including a slight increase in activity.   Its important to continue compressive therapy.  If high output persist, then sclerosing therapy (treatment of seroma pocket with antibiotic solution) has shown promise to facilitate resolution of your seroma.  Please followup with your plastic surgeon closely and follow his/her postop care instructions.  Best of luck.

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