When Will Seroma After Lipo Go Away?

I had inner thighs lipo on 2/5/10 by the second week of recovery I developed a seroma on one side only. The lower part of my inner thigh. My Dr. Taps(drains) it out once a week. Sometimes it has aroud 22 or 18 cc. When will it go away? How long does it take them to resolve? Can they go away on their own? I still wear my garment for pressure to that site. Help please!!!

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Seroma and resolution

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Seromas can be tricky. Usually they "burn out" after a series of aspirations while also wearing compression garments. Sometimes if they are a bit recalcitrant, procedures can be performed to "scar them down a bit."  If this does not work, excision needs to be performed.

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Chronic seroma after liposuction needs excision.

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This is indeed a rarely seen problem.  But from what you say, weekly aspirations are not working.  I would recommend surgically removing the post- liposuction seroma cavity.  Otherwise there is a high risk of  a permanent lump.

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Seroma after lipo go away

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Sounds like you are receiving excellent post operative care. Seromas can take a few weeks to resolve completely. If still concerned get a second opinion.

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