Seroma/scar Tissue/pseudobursa After Lipoma Removal. What To Do?

My PS went in a 26 yr old gall bladder scar to flatten it out which left a hard lipoma. He recently went back in the same scar to cut out lipoma and scar tissue which produced a hematoma(drained) and now a seroma. It swells and when I push on it fluid comes out thru small incision. Have also noticed hard lump which now outlines where the hematoma/seroma is/was. I've massaged it and wear binder garment but is still firm. PS says its edema and the ridges should soften up over time. Pls advise!

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Resolution of firm areas after resolving seroma

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Without an exam it is impossible to give you a specific answer. However the explanation your plastic surgeon gave to you makes sense and edema ridges following seroma resolution do tend to soften with time. Tincture of time is often the hardest medicine that doctors hand out.

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