Seroma Post Abdominoplasty Revision?

Hello, I had a tummy tuck in January 2012 and developed a seroma 7-21 days post op. This was aspirated at intervals over the next 6 months. Unfortunately the seroma did stretch out the skin on my lower abdomen between the scar and my belly button. 1 week ago I had a flap of this skin excised to remove this excess of skin caused from the seroma (My belly button did not need to be repositioned). I'm very happy with the result but there is fluid re-collecting again now. Why is this happening again?

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Seroma more likely to happen with a revisio

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Thank you for the question.  A seroma is a collection of healing fluid.  The chances of seroma accumulation is reduced by using a drain and an abdominal binder and increased with tissue trauma, hematoma, and other surgical factors.  Once a seroma has been around for a while the body forms a layer of scar tissue which tends to seal off the two layers of tissue and makes it harder to heal together.  Revision surgery therefore has a higher chance of seroma accumulation if the seroma capsule or pseudo bursa is not removed.

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You should be wearing a compression garment where it is holding you nice and tight not leaving any room for fluid to build up. Either a compression garment or abdominal binder would help with the seroma build up. Ask your PS what you can do to minimize the buildup.



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Seroma - Abdominalplasty

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Dear Adoni, it could be that the initial seroma walled off, and is producing again would fluid. Sometimes the seroma wall has to be removed therefore. It would be best to contact your surgeon, since he or she knows you and your healing potential best!


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At the time of the revision the seroma cavity will need to be excised. For now I would recommend taht you minimize activity at the waist and maintain compression for six weeks post-op. If this continues to be a n issue you should see the operating surgeon as soona as possible.

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