Seroma or Normal Fluid Under the Nipple 3 Weeks Post Op?

Hi! I am 3 weeks post-op (breast augmentation, submuscular) and noticed a few days ago that my nipples (one more than the other) seem squishy and like there is fluid/water underneath when I press on it. Both breasts look about the same size, but one nipple more than the other.I did CALL my ps and they said it could wait until my follow up in a few days. There is no redness, pain other than a little stinging (like breastfeeding/pregancy). Obviously, this is where my "real" breast tissue is.Thx!

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Seroma or Fluid Under the Nipples after Breast Aug?

This does not sound urgent or alarming. It sounds like swelling in the tissues. The nipple and areolar skin is more stretchable than surrounding skin. Their size changes, for example, in heat and cold, whereas the other surrounding breast skin does not. 

When there is swelling in the breast it is most likely to present itself in the area of the region of the areola and nipple. 

It certainly is worthwhile to be seen by your surgeon, but I concur that there is no urgency. 

Best wishes.

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