Do I Have Seroma That Needs to Be Drained or a Fluid Pocket That Will Go Away on Its Own?

I had Slim Lipo done on abdominal area to remove stubborn fat. I'm11days post-op. My PS removed 500 cc, spent <45 min. I was 125 lbs pre-op and 5'8" with 2 pregnancies. I am concerned with a fluid pocket that developed below belly button on day 8 post-op. @ my 2nd post-op appt the day before, I was told I was doing good. I didn't have fluid pocket then. Should I be concered or ok to wait till my next appt in a month? (btw, post-op visits were done by PA, not by PS who did the procedure.)

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Seroma after Slim Lipo

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the answer is yes. Yes if you have seroma it would help you heal faster if you simply have it drained. Dancers also yes, it will go away on its own but it could take quite some time. If your plastic surgeon has a small ultrasound machine in the office they can look for fluid collections and strategically remove them. In any case, being 11 days postop is still quite early so have patience

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