Seroma/Hematoma 8 Months After Laser Liposuction?

I had Laser Liposuction 8 months ago. When the doctor removed the drain 2-3 weeks later he said my body would re-absorb any fluid. I moved, and 7 months later I continued to have a lump with fluid in it, so I had it aspirated (50 cc). It filled up again so I went back and I have been repeating the process about 10 times now. Anywhere from 20-40 cc come out every 3-4 days. Now for the last 2 times the fluid is not light red as before but dark red, like blood. What does this mean?? I'm worried!

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Seroma/Hematoma 8 Months After Laser Liposuction?

Thank you for your question. This may be old blood where you may have had a hematoma. Be evaluated with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I hope this helps.

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Sorry to hear you’re going through a complication, liposuction that is common. In our practice we have our patients wear a compression garment to help reduce the accumulation of more seroma. The color of the seroma is normal; you need to keep your appointments with your PS.


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