Will a Body Garment Help With Seroma After Vaser Lipo? (photo)

(I am now concerned even more, I have a body garment I was given shall I wear that 24/7), will that help with the Seroma? is this harmful to my body? shall I seek medical advise from my local hospital), I cannot go back to the surgeon he is abroad and I do not have the money to go back and see him). I feel a right fool now. 3 weeks post

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The pictures you have shown seem to be pretty accurate for vaser lipo after 3 weeks. Brusing and swelling is different for everyone. I don't see signs of a seroma, You should be using your garment as much as possible with breaks in between is ok. You should wear for at least a few months.


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Will a Body Garment Help With Seroma After Vaser Lipo?

If these are 3 week post op photos you are still very black&blue. I feel you need immediate medical attenion to the seroma. Which I can not really see in your posted photos. CALL your surgeon please. 

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