Does Seroma and Drainage Mean I'll Need a Breast Implant Revision?

I had a full lift with 250'cc silcone 3 wks ago. I experienced some fluid draining about a week ago after I had some stitches removed,then 3days later had excesive draining.My Dr said I probably had a Seroma and gave me antibiotics.Then today I had the remaining stitches removed & again the left side was draining a bit.So the Dr inserted a tube to drain it to be safe.He advise me a possible revision may be necessary and I would have to remove the implant & wait 3months to replace at my cost,Does this sound right?

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Does Seroma and Drainage Mean I'll Need a Breast Implant Revision?

Does Seroma and Drainage Mean I'll Need a Breast Implant Revision? Having a seroma does not absolutely mean you will require a revision. However, this does not sound typical and may indicate an infection which may require removal.

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A seroma developing from an implant placement and lift can happen and it sounds like your doctor is doing the right thing.    Good luck.

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Should your seroma convert to an infection the implant would have to be removed.

The appearance of a seroma following your lift with implant implant surgery does not always lead to the need for additional surgery. It sounds like your surgeon is taking the necessary steps to ward off complications that could lead to revisional surgery. There is a good chance that the seroma will resolve with this combination of antibiotic and drainage tube.

The goal is to prevent the seroma from becoming an infection. However,your surgeon is preparing you for this possiblilty because should an infection develop  an appropriate treatment would include removing the implant on the infected side.. The implant will be replaced when it is clear that the infection has subsided. Each surgeon has their own financial policy as to who will be responsible for the costs of treating a recognized complication of the surgery.

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You may need to have the implants removed

The formation of seroma after breast implant placement is not a good sign. The seroma can be from the lift and this will resolve,but if the seroma coming from the implant, you need to have cultures from the seroma and possible removal of the implant if you show any sign of infection( swelling,redness,pain,fever and chills)

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