Will a Seroma That Was Drained of 3 Cups Ever Go Away?

i had a hernia operation on feb 8 2010 and this seroma just would not go away and just kept getting bigger. on may 5 2010 it was drained by syringe and 3 cups were removed and i go in again on may 19 2010 to have it done again and i believe at the rate of growth that it will be the same amount again. GRRRR :( I could use some more advice please and thank you.

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Repeated Drainage of Seroma

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Do not lose hope. Some seromas go away with 1-3 drainage efforts while others need more. If your hernia was repaired with a mesh of any kind the likelihood of seromas would be higher. If the seroma does not resolve and keeps coming back at a certain point, you may require re-placement of a drain. The management for prolonged drainage would depend of other factors. However, the majority of seromas resolve with a few tappings.

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