SEROMA Continues to Persist?

I had tummy tuck with flank lipo. I developed a seroma 2 weeks PO. PS aspirated 20cc, 18cc, then 15cc (all in consecutive days). Last aspiration was on Friday but by Monday I was very uncomfortable due to fluid again. PS placed seroma cath which has been in place for 8 days! I'm draining clear serous fluid. It's been between 22-25ccs a day, not getting any less (no matter what my activity level is). Will it ever get less? And what should be the next step?

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Post operative seroma

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 Post operative seromas following a TT and Liposuction can be somewhat common. Serial aspiration or catheter drainage is often the most effective approach. Other options include utilization of compressive garments or binders and diuretics. Please consult back with your surgeon for directions. It can sometimes take several weeks for these post operative seromas to resolve. Best,

Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Proper Mangement

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Sound like your surgeon is managing your problem appropriately.  Consider checking your protein level and supplementing with at least 100 grams of protein.  Additional sclerosis of the serma cavity with doxicycline can be helpful. Discuss further with your surgeon. Best wishes on your recovery.

Stubborn Seroma

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I would recommend leaving the drain and using a compression garment.  If drainage does not slow then a sclerosing (irritant) agent can be injected through the drain to cause the seroma cavity to scar and close.  If that does not work then surgical removal of the cavity lining is in order.

Good Luck

Dr. ES

Seroma Persistence

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   In the early recovery period, the body has the potential to seal these cavities.  The drainage should get less and less with time with continued compression garment wear.  If it does not, sclerosing agent can be considered.  If the seroma becomes mature, it may need to be excised.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Small seroma was are self-limited after abdominoplasty.

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Some large us aromas require surgical excision after in abdominoplasty. Aspirates of 2525 sees a very small and in time these aromas will quit accumulating.

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