I Think I Have Some Seroma Complications, How Can I Tell, And What Do I Do?

June 7 2012 I had tt w/lipo and w/out muscle repair. Developed seroma which was drained 2x. dr said remainder was not enough to drain and it would dissipate on its own. It's now Aug 20 and I still have seroma above my belly button just under my breast bone. It doesn't have water bed effect any more but I am wondering if I need to go back? I moved so I would have to fly back and hate to do that if he is gonna be dismissive. Do I wait and see or just find someone local? What are signs encap?

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Recurrent seroma

It sounds like you will need several visits to a surgeon.  Agree that you should find a local surgeon...your original surgeon's office may recommend one where you now live.  Best to treat soon.

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Seroma Complications,

If it has been drained twice and seems to have recurred, it may recur after yet another aspiration or drain placement. In that regard, you might be better finding a new physician locally since you may be thinking about two or more round trips rather than just one. 

A third recurrence might suggest the need for a drain &/or sclerosis (injecting a substance to close off the cavity), and neither of these is a one visit treatment. 

Thanks, good luck.



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