Seroma After Tummy Tuck: Doctor Says It's Dry

My ps drained a 40cc seroma above my belly button 2 weeks after a TT. One week later, it seems like the lump is back, so I went to my general Dr and she tried to drain with a small needle, however it was dry. She tried twice. This is not my ps, but my Dr. The ps is 3 hours away. Is there a specific technique to drain a seroma, is it possible to insert the needle the wrong way? She is an excellent Dr. She says it's probably just swelling. Thanks, Foliebergere

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Tummy Tuck seroma

Dear Foliebergere in Tummy Tuck land:

Small seromas can be treated with observation and often resolve spontaneously. If you continue to have a bulge in the area, despite two aspiration attempts by you doctor, it is time to make the three hour drive back to your plastic surgeon for an evaluation. For more information on tummy tucks click the grey link below.

BTW - Aspiration seems very simple; however, it carries a small risk of contaminating an otherwise sterile seroma. This can lead to an infection, so it is best to utilize and be followed by someone who is familiar with the tummy tuck procedure. I would want my patients to come see me.

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Seroma after tummy tuck

The swelling you see may be normal after aspiration of a seroma, but it's probably better to have your plastic surgeon take a look. Familiarity with the procedure and surgical technique is important in successfully accessing a seroma cavity if it's present.

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