Seroma After Inguinal Hernia Repair and Skin Only TT?

Hi there. I had a skin only TT and left side inguinal hernia repair using mesh onlay on Dec 27th (3.5 weeks PO). My left side drain was removed after a week.I developed a seroma on the lower left almost immediately. I have had it aspirated by my PS 4 times. I discovered that my general surgeon (who teamed up with the PS to repair the hernia) does not believe in aspiration and wants me to leave it alone, but I worry about my TT results. At this point, who is right and what should I do?

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Seroma - Aspirate or Not?

I routinely recommend aspirating any seromas that develop in the post-operative period.  Your general surgeon may have a different view and I would ask why that is but I believe most plastic surgeons would agree with aspirating.

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Seroma After Inguinal Hernia Repair and Skin Only TT?

General surgeons as a rule have considerably less experience with seromas, and they are not usually related to large undermined areas when they do. This is a complication of the TT, not the hernia. I would follow the advice of the plastic surgeon. All the best.

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