Seroma After Full Tummy Tuck W/ Muscle Repair - No Aspiration?

After my TT, I kept one drain in for a few days.The other drain stayed in until 12 days past surgery, at which time it was producing around 28 ml/ day.I have a seroma now, 3 weeks post surgery. My PS says she will not aspirate, but will treat with prescription diuretic, and told me to keep wearing my compression garment (I have been wearing it nonstop). I am concerned b/c it seems that aspiration is usually the recommended treatment. Please advise.

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Seroma After Full Tummy Tuck W/ Muscle Repair - No Aspiration?

My personal preference would be for aspiration, but your surgeon may have a good rationale for treating otherwise. Best to ask your surgeon the reasons and the pros and cons of the decision. 

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Apiration of Seroma after Tummy Tuck

If one of my patients develops a seroma after abdominoplasty I usually aspirate it. It may take several aspiration sessions as well. Ask your surgeon why he is not willing to aspirate the seroma and see if his answer makes sense to you.

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