What Causes Seroma in Abdomen After Vaser Lipo?

I just had a tummy tuck due to botched vaser lipo. My surgeon told me he found pockets of fluid in my abdomen during the procedure. I wore the compression garmets for one month as my Dr. Had advised. What causes this? Could it happen again after my tummy tuck? Thank you

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Causes of Fluid Pocket Formation After Liposuction

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Fluid pockets form when the lymphatic channels in the fat are destroyed, are blocked or are narrowed and the resulting swelling fluid which is produced is not absorbed by the body or drained outside.

EVERY injury to some extent produces swelling fluid but with time the body re-absorbs such fluid and the swelling goes down. The greater the area of the trauma (bump on the head (= narrow impact area) VS tummy tuck or tummy Liposuction (= wide area of surgical injury), the greater the amount of fluid produced.

I have used all liposuction modalities and happen to like VASER liposuction / Liposelection. Unlike Laser liposuction which literally cooks fat, nerves, lymphatic channels and blood vessels - the VASER ONLY breaks up fat cells but spares everything else (IE the term LIPOSELECTION).  I have NEVER encountered the situation your second surgeon described but I think it is quite possible that if we went back and operated on some Tummy Tuck and other Tumescent Liposuction cases, we would find sub-clinical pockets of resolving fluid as well. The questions is - are they of any clinical significance as regards long term results?

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Vaser lipo and seroma

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Some of the technqiues that use heat as a component like Vaser and laser lipolysis( Smart lipo,e tc) produce heat. For some reason these techniques are more prone to seroma formation as opposed to tradtional lipo.  You still can develop one after a tummy tuck.

Seroma in abdomen after Vaser lipo

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Bad luck, too much post operative activity, to loose a garment, bad result from the vaser just to name a few reasons for residual seromas. I hope the TT worked to repair this issue.


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