I Have Had 3 Series of Sculptra over the Past 6 Mos and I Am Very Concerned?

My face is rather long and now my jaw is very pronounced. It looks very square. In addition, I seem to be swollen on one side of my jaw. It looks as if I just left the dentist. Is there anything I can do. I have been trying to be patient but it is actually getting worse over time. I am so unhappy with the results. I was really hoping to add volume to my face and enhance my cheeks not increase the size of my jaw. I have also developed several nodules. Help!

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I would highly recommend that you see your physician for follow-up regarding your concerns.  If the cheeks were treated with Sculptra, it is difficult to understand why you are experiencing increased volume along the jaw. 

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Concerned after Sculptra treatments.

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I understand your concern with your appearance following your Sculptra treatments.  One question I have is, were the injections done just in your cheeks, or was your jaw area injected as well?  You mentioned that you only wanted your cheeks fuller, so I'm unclear why your jaw would have been treated.  Another question I have is when was the last treatment you had?  If it was fairly recent, some of the swelling could be very transient.  My third question is, where are the nodules located and how large are they?  There are some treatments that can be done to help with nodules, but the location and size can be important.  If you haven't already, I would also recommend returning to your treating physician so that these issues can be evaluated in person.    

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Sculptra reactions

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The nodules are a possibility with Sculptra- they are treatable though.  The other issues I would handle by taking a series of photos now and comparing them to where you started.  I would avoid any future Sculptra injections into the jaw area and focus on the cheeks.  Finally make sure you are using a provider who has had recent training in Sculptra- the new reconstitution techniques really minize the nodule issue.  Best Wishes!!

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Swelling from Sculptra

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Your reaction is concerning.  Have you been back to see your doctor?

Sculptra treatments should provide you with beautiful, volumized cheeks and a natural result. 

Please see your provider. 

Christina Steil, MD
Chicago Dermatologist
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