How Many Surgeries I Need to Remove Port Wine Stain? (photo)

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Port wine stain treatments

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Multiple laser sessions over at least 18 months would be required. The upside is that you have a very good chance of improving this port wine stain. I prefer the v beam Pulse Dye Laser for this procedure. 
Video show you how I perform the procedure and what to expect. all the bestDr Davin LimBrisbane, Australia. 

Treatment of port wine stain bith marks

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thanks for the inquiry
I hope that you were able to secure treatment for your port wine stain which is best accomplished with laser therapy. Actually, the pulse dye laser was specifically designed with this purpose in mind.  Surgery is not indicated for most port wine stains of this nature. The lasers that we use at the Face and Skin Center in Albany NY include the pulsed dye laser and YAG laser.  With these devices you can expect to see a dramatic clearing of the redness and textural changes in the skin that you are experiencing.  Now is the time to treat because as your skin matures, the port wine stain will take on different characteristics and the skin will thicken as well as nodules or blebs can develop. Thus it is better to treat before this occurs as these changes are not fully reversible.  Find a practice that specializes in the treatments of vascular birthmarks and you see that there are many nonsurgical options.

All the best to you.

Arthur N. Falk, MD
Albany Facial Plastic Surgeon

Removal of Port Wine stain on face

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I'm not certain if you've already tried it, but I would recommend using a pulsed dye laser to treat the port wine stain on your face.  This normally works very well at reducing the redness without the need for any surgery.  It can take several treatment sessions but it would be a much better option than surgery.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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