My labia are enlarged and saggy. I am young. Is there an exercise to decrease it? How old you have to be to have the surgery?

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Top treatments for labiaplasty

I would recommend our combination Hidef Labiaplasty Technique which includes labial contouring, skin tightening, laser vaginoplasty, and clitoral hood reduction. 

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Thank you for your question. The labia can grow/change in appearance/colour throughout puberty and with hormone changes and childbirth later on.
It is not uncommon for women to have concerns over their Labia appearance or discomfort.

There is no non-surgical way to reduce their size unfortunately. If you wish to discuss surgical options, I recommend that you book a consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon in your area. They will examine you and discuss your aesthetic goals to help you plan.

For patients under age 18, parental consent may be requested and your Plastic Surgeon would want to ensure that you understand fully the risks/concerns for surgery as well as ensure that you have a safe, practical plan for healing.

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Labiaplasty for our patients?

Thank you for sharing your question with us.   unfortunately, there is no exercise to reduce the size of your labia's. However there are some minimally invasive procedures that may be performed in order to decrease the size and look of your labia's.By definition there is no age criteria for a labiaplasty, however any patient below the age of 18 years old should be thoroughly evaluated and parental consent obtained. I usually highly recommend parental involvement in making a decision to perform a labiaplasty.

Large Labia Not Improved with Exercise

Unfortunately there are no exercises to tighten up your labia.  There are no age limits on labiaplasty.  If you are concerned, see a plastic surgeon with labiaplasty experience for their opinion.  If it is necessary, it is an easy out patient procedure.

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I am young with enlarged and saggy labia. How old do you have to be to have labia minora reduction surgery?

Dear Oliviagrace20,

Thank you for writing in with your concerns.  It takes courage to speak up about things that bother you when it's hard to talk with those around you. Unfortunately, there are no exercises to reduce the size of the inner labia minora or the outer labia majora.  If there were, lots of ladies would be doing them!

If you are under 18 and desire surgery, parental consent will be needed, plus, it's a good idea to have them (at least mom) involved with finding the right physician to take care of you.  There are very few surgeons (plastic or gynecologic) who are willing to operate on teenagers because their bodies are still developing, and after labia reduction surgery, sometimes a small edge can grow back, needing a second procedure.  Make sure you find someone with extensive experience with labiaplasty and the different techniques available (there are edge-reducing and edge-preserving techniques).  Depending on your anatomy and desires, one technique may be better for you than another.

The labia and the breasts start to develop during puberty due to estrogen and can continue to grow until the age of 21. They can extend beyond the outer hair-covered labia majora and cause hygiene issues, problems placing tampons or with wearing certain clothes, or can pull, pinch and be uncomfortable with walking, exercise and activities. Pregnancy and delivery, and peri-menopause can also impact labial size and color with delivery increasing length especially if there was swelling or trauma, and darkening of the edges.  Sometimes, women with larger labia may also have extra folds of skin around the clitoral hood called the prepuce. This may need to be reduced as well in order to provide a satisfactory aesthetic appearance, and there is usually a separate fee for that (but often discounted when done with a labiaplasty).  Some women have access or hygiene concerns related to the extra skin.

There is no formal age limit on when to perform a labiaplasty on a young woman.  From my experience of having  performed over 700 labiaplasties, the main determining factor is quality of life.  If this is strictly an appearance concern, I recommend you wait until your body has finished developing (by 21) unless your social life has been severely impacted because of how you feel about your body.  Then I would also recommend talking with a counselor to make sure there aren't any more serious body concerns going on.  If you are uncomfortable in your own skin every day because of comfort and function issues, I recommend getting evaluated for labia reduction surgery sooner.  If you can get a referral from your pediatrician or gyn to someone who focuses on these surgeries, you may be able to have part of it reimbursed by insurance (especially if you are a teenager).  Please get at least two consultations before moving ahead with any surgery.

To learn more about the labia and labiaplasty procedures, please visit the link below.  I hope you find this information helpful.


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There isn't an age limit for labiaplasty

Labial hypertrophy can be a very bothersome problem at any age and thus can be surgically corrected at any age as well. I have performed labia reduction on preteen girls, but these were unique circumstances with parental involvement and consent.
Typically, women will notice their large labia at puberty and can ask their physician pediatrician or gynecologist, without parental consent. They'll explain to you what it is and what the options are without a breech in confidentiality. This is helpful to know since many women may not have a relationship with their parents that enables them to disclose these intimate and personal things with them. If this is your situation then I encourage you to speak with your doctor for support and guidance. Before the age of 18 you would need parental consent for surgery, however.
There isn't anything you can do to decrease their size and shape, other than surgery. Likewise, there isn't anything that you have done that caused this situation.
Please see link below for more information about cosmetic gynecology.
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Enlarged labia will not get better with exercise

Enlarged labia minora or majora will not tighten up with exercise. If you lose weight, the minora will remain the same and the majora may become more lax and sag further. "The" surgery is actually a choice of several surgical and nonsurgical options tailored to your needs and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Age of consent for labiaplasty

If you are under the age of 18, you need a parent or legal guardian to sign a consent for you to have surgery. We have young women in their teens who have undergone labiaplasty surgery with great results. You can read more about the procedure at the link provided. Best of luck to you. 

Any exercises to reduce labia?

Unfortunately there are no exercises to reduce enlarged labia. Pelvic floor exercises can have an impact on the muscles within/around the vagina, but not on the labia themselves. If you have cosmetic concerns about the appearance, a labiaplasty may be a good option to help achieve those goals. I would consider a formal consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon so your specific concerns can be gone over in detail, a physical exam be performed, and individualized recommendations be made. Good luck!

My labia are enlarged and saggy. I am young. Is there an exercise to decrease it? How old you have to be to have the surgery?

First, I want to start by saying that there is a very wide range of "normal" when it comes to the vagina. No two vaginas are the exact same. For many different reasons the labia can grow in size and appear enlarged and saggy. This can be caused by hormones, sexual intercourse and pregnancy/vaginal delivery etc. It is also very normal for them to be enlarged before childbirth. As teenagers especially women, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. We find fault in many different aspects of our body. As you get older, you will find that things that we thought were the "end of the world" or "devastating" were actual nothing. It is for this reason that doing a labiaplasty on a minor can be a difficult situation. It is important that you find a PS in your area that you feel comfortable with. You must take a parent since you a minor. A long discussion with an exam will help to guide you on what the right decision is for you at this time.

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