Is it normal to have one eye blurry after LASIK?

It's been 5 days since LASIK. My left eye is almost completely fine, except from dry eye, but nothing severe. But my right eye is bad, it's blurry and for near and far all the time, and very dry. It doesn't get better at all even if I put tears or gel. I'm afraid this will stay forever. :( It causes me nausea and dizziness, and I always need to sleep. Yesterday my doctor told me that it's to early, and I'll go tomorrow for checking. She only noticed spots for dry eyes and told me to use gel.

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1 eye blurry after LASIK

it isn't normal, you might have DLK or a flap wrinkle or something like that, go in asap to your surgeon as these things can be treated if detected early, not so much if detected late!

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