Am I candidate for modified lip lift? (Photos)

I really hate my distance from nose to lips.I have asked many doctors for opinion but one of them told me that I would ruin my proportions.I already have pretty full lips little bit of tooth show.The problem is that I have big theeths especially two upper front teeth.I really would like to get modified lip lift just little bit to shorten up my distance.Please help?

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Lip lift candidate

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Hi Linnan,

I agree that you already have nice proportions based from your photos, but, if you really want to shorten your nose-lip distance, it is still possible, but it should be done very conservatively.

Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Good candidate for a lip lift?

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I would agree with this much of your assessment: your lips are very nicely proportioned, your dental show is altogether fine. Your smile is pleasant. In my opinion, a lip lift could be a source of a multitude of unforeseen and undesired complications (scarring, sensory and motor changes of your upper lip or nostrils) for what I believe would be very minimal potential benefit. 

David Hartman, MD, FACS
Dover Facial Plastic Surgeon
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