I'm 25 years old, and my doctor thinks I have lichen simplex chronicus. Can MonaLisa help me?

Please I'm losing my mind!!!! I didn't now what's causing my problems for two years, and recently I discovered its lichen simplex chronicus. For two years constantly, even now, I'm having a burning sensation all over my vulva, all of it, I can't have sex, and it burns all the time when I pee, even when i cross my legs, or take a bath. I'm really desperate, so please please please answer me. And vulva seems normal, doesn't have any redness, it's not even that dry, just hurts and burn alot! Please

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Lichen Sclerosis and Mona Lisa Laser

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Although indicated for vaginal dryness, the Mona Lisa Laser does help with Lichen sclerosis on the vulva and labia. Many patients have relief with the laser, although often multiple treatments are needed.  

Lichen sclerosis (LS)

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A tissue biopsy will confirm the disease. While many patients have had mild improvement with topical creams the MonaLisa laser has been shown to be very effective with 5 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. This particular laser is under clinical investigation for LS at many major medical centers. So there is hope for your disease please finder a provider.

Lichen sclerosis and MLT

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MonaLisaTouch has updated the information in the procedure manual to allow for vulvar and labial additions to the vaginal barrel treatments. There are new settings for the laser and new protocols with wet towels, anesthetic creams and a longer skin recovery. Ask your doctor because this is a recent update a few months ago. It absolutely can be used for this, but make sure you have been adequately evaluated and biopsied.

Lichen simplex chronicus

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I feel your frustration with conventional treatment of lichen sclerosis with topical steroid cream. Rest assured there is a multi-center trial evaluating the use of the Mona Lisa for your condition.  The current statement by these physicians that the results are very promising for treating lichen sclerosis with preliminary results to be released possibly later this year. 

Guessing that you have lichen simplex chronicus

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Your first step in managing your symptoms is to get a tissue biopsy. The result will determine the treatment. Nonsurgical, nonlaser treatments are usually the first line therapy for most conditions which share your symptoms. MonaLisa and FemiLift are fractional laser resurfacing strategies for the vaginal canal. Your area of concern is the vulva, not the canal and these lasers are not designed for the vulva.

Should the MonaLisa Touch laser help lichen sclerosis simplex?

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My recommendation would be to try all the other conservative methods first and if you have had a biopsy to prove that there is no other pathology, you could try the laser before resorting to surgical excision.  there is is not any specific research yet, but in the US the experts are working on a small trial in patients with lichen sclerosis. Early evidence suggests that it can be helpful.  I am willing to treat patients who have failed conservative management because I don't think the laser treatment will be harmful and most likely will be helpful.

Lichen Simplex

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This is a very debilitating condition. Yes the Monlisa maybe able to help. It is not FDA approved for this but it is being used for this. Several people are currently studying this application now and have reported very good results. It would certainly be worth a try. 

John Baten, MD
Jackson Urogynecologist
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