Septum Visibly Deviated Following Septorhinoplasty

SRP in 09.When the external splint was removed at 1week my septum was visibly deviated to the left.It remained that way even after swelling went down 1 July 11 I had revision to correct this.My nose was taped for 3 days and looked straight when tape was removed.I have internal splints against my septum. However at 3weeksPO my septum looks deviated again How is this possible even though I still have the splints in? Is external support needed to hold my septum in straight position while healing?

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Correction of Caudal Septal Deformity

Septoplasty is by and large one of the more straighforward surgeries that we perform.  There are exceptions and deviations of the caudal septum (the free edge of the septum by your nostrils) is one of these.  Many ENT surgeons refer their patients to me because it is so difficult. 

At this point, find a revision rhinoplasty surgeon in your area to have this corrected.

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