Why Septum Red Wth Crust/scab After 6 Weeks Opertion?

I had rhinoplasty 6weeks ago but my septum/septal was red, swollen n sored..around my tip also sored too, However I had this after 2weeks Post Op. At that time my surgeon said I might get infected then he gave me antibiotics but didnt help until now 6 weeks still red, swollen wth thick crust/scab..my surgeon this time said not infected..he has no clue..he said maybe smething elses..he didnt give me any treatment n wanted to see me in a month. Im so depressed and anxiety about this..I need help.

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Red, swollen, and sore around nasal tip

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Asian noses can have more redness in the early post operative period than other noses.  However, asymmetric swelling which is red and thick with crust may signal an underlying infection.  It may be wise to see what type of procedure was performed and ask if your surgeon used either an artificial implant or permanent suture, both of which can get readily infected.  Patients may want to seek another opinion from either another surgeon or an infectious disease physician.

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