I had septorhinoplasy (open) 7 weeks ago. Should I have a pig nose?

It has been almost 7 weeks after my operation and my nostrils are still on show! The tip of my nose is still swollen however it is more upturned than I imagined, will this drop or would any downward movement taken place by now? Thank you

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Give it time

Hi Bobbyy:
Your nose will keep changing for up to a year, and continue to subtly change after that as well.  Give it time.  It is not uncommon for the tip to fall during the first year.  Also, as we age, the nasal tip always falls because we lose some bone that supports the nose. 

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Be patient

7 weeks is very early in the healing process so try to be patient.  Swelling a final changes take at least 3-6 months and even longer in many patients.  The tip may drop a bit over time as well.

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