Is This A Normal Result 4 Months Post Septorhinoplasty? My Shape Keeps Changing. (photo)

hi docs i did septorhinoplasy now i'm 4 months i dont know what to call it open or closed tech my doc didnt make columellar incision but did wier incsions for alar base reduction??any way i wanna ask about my nose shape and supra tip fullness. I feel like it was much better 2 months ago i mean when i was taping it specially first month it was smaller more defined and raised tip but since i stoped taping as my doc said it wont benefit any more i feel it looks different tip still stiff and rounded is that normal?

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Nose shape keeps changing 4 months after septorhinoplasty!

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Thank you for including photos; they do indeed show the progression of healing and scar tissue formation that is changing your nasal appearance. The taping helped reduce swelling, but will not reduce scar tissue, so your surgeon is right about not adding any benefit by continuing taping. The stiff and rounded tip you describe is consistent with subcutaneous scar formation, but in most patients this will eventually soften and settle.

Continue to follow-up with your own surgeon, who can make periodic recommendations about additional interventions of potential benefit, such as steroid injections, ultrasound treatments, or in rare cases, surgical revisions. But for now, be patient; your nose is still a work in (slow but sure) progress. It is normal to go through these visible changes. Best wishes!

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Changes in Rhinoplasty Results

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Although it is normal for your rhinoplasty result to change as healing progresses, I'm sorry it does appear that your nasal profile looks fuller at 4 months than it did 2 months post-op. It is difficult to explain, but I don't know what was done during your operation. Hopefully you will improve over the next 12 months.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Nose shape post rhinoplasty

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it takes 12-18 months to see your final result from a rhinoplasty. Depending on what was done during the procedure, will determine the swelling and time needed for improvement. Be patient and follow your surgeons advice.

Rick Rosen, MD
Norwalk Plastic Surgeon
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