I Had Septorhinoplasty 1 Year Ago & I Am Finding That Unless I Tape my Nose at Night It is Significantly Swollen the Next Day?

If I do not tape my nose when I sleep then one side in particular will be significantly swollen for most of the next day. The left side of my nose just seem's to inflate dramatically if I do not tape, where as the swelling in the other side has gone down very nicely. However, if I DO tape then the left side looks fine, just as good as the other side infact. So, does that mean that this just residue swelling in the left side? & can I expect it to go down or not at this point? Please advise!

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Rhinoplasty results after one year

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Dear Susan678,

  1. When you do surgery on the nose, the vessels that remove the swelling are also affected
  2. Over time, they improve, meaning that your nose swelling in the morning should continue to improve over the next few years
  3. If you sleep on that left side, it will also be more swollen just because of gravity and the left side is the side that is down when you sleep
  4. It will get better, and it will take time

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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