Septorhinoplasty to Reshape Nose and Nostrils?

Would a septorhinoplasty straighten my nose and reshape my uneven nostrils?

I injured my nose playing sports as a child, but never received treatment for it. I am older now and am considering surgery to fix my problem.

I am bothered by the crookedness of my nose, and the uneven shape of my nostrils. Would a septorhinoplasty be the right surgery for me?

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Yes it is possible.

 Your type of nose can be much improved both functionally as well as cosmetically. It may never be perfectly straight, but close. Seek out an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and look carefully at the before/after photos to see if you agree with his aesthetic results.

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Septorhinoplasty specifically addresses such concerns.

Septorhinoplasty can specifically address such issues with a person's nose.

I tend to prefer the open approach for most noses, but I especially like it for the crooked and asymmetric noses. Better placement of grafts and sutures is primarily why I choose to do these open.

Bear in mind that perfect straightness is probably impossible with severely twisted noses, but oftentimes a great deal of improvement can be achieved.

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