Septorhinoplasty/dorsal hump removal - Raising the tip necessary?

Hi all, I'm just wondering, is raising the tip a routine part of rhinoplasty procedures? Some have told me that the tip will inevitably drop over time, so raising it is necessary. Others have said that with adequate support/cartilage grafts, there's no need to raise it as the tip will not drop. I'm happy with where it is at the moment (approximately 90 degrees). I'm wondering if it is possible to keep it in that position (even if it means waiting for it to drop there over time). Thanks.

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Dorsal Hump Removal

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Hi Glaze.  Of course, the definitive answer rests with an in person consultation.  Generally speaking, tip modification may not be necessary if the only concern is a dorsal hump.  In face, a hump removal may be performed via a closed rhinoplasty approach (all incisions within the nose).

San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty for dorsal hump removal and raising the nasal tip

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The nasal tip does not have to be raised at all if the patient desires to leave the tip position alone. Shaving the hump osteotomies will not have any effect on the tip position. For many examples, please see our rhinoplasty photo Gallery Link below

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Raising the tip in rhinoplasty?

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In a rhinolasty it all about proportion and ballence.

It may be necessary to alter one part of the nose as a result of altering another part so as to maintain ballence. For this reason often when a hump is removed, the tip will be elevated to " hold " its position relative to the proportion of the rest of the nose.

If you think that as one part down sizes, then so does the rest of the nose to maintain proportion, then it may make sense. Look at your surgeons before and afters and ask to see an example of what they mean and this should make sense, if does not make sense to you then seek another opinion.

All the best

Jeremy Hunt

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Septorhinoplasty/dorsal hump removal - Raising the tip necessary?

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The anatomy of the nose varies from patient to patient. Because of that, the techniques to achieve a natural appearing cosmetic result need to be individualized. Raising the tip is only performed if the tip is drooping and is not required in every rhinoplasty.

Photos would help in the assessment of what can be done to improve the cosmetic appearance.

Keep in mind that following the advice from a surgeon on this or any other website who proposes to tell you exactly what to do even after seeing limited two dimensional photos without examining you, physically feeling the tissue, assessing your desired outcome, taking a full medical history, and discussing the pros and cons of each operative procedure would not be in your best interest. I would suggest you find a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ideally a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) or facial plastic surgeon that you trust and are comfortable with. You should discuss your concerns with that surgeon in person.

Robert Singer, MD FACS

La Jolla, California

Robert Singer, MD
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
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Septorhinoplasty/dorsal hump removal - Raising the tip necessary?

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Rhinoplasty does not have to create any changes with which you are not comfortable.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Nasal tip does not have to be raised.

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Nasal tip does not have to be raised if you like it where it is. See a surgeon who is experienced and makes the nose for YOU not him.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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