Septorhinoplasty, Applying a Ice Cube Has Made the Nose Swell and Has Not Gone Back Down Its Been Three Weeks?

I had septorhinoplasty 2 months ago,3 weeks ago I put ice on the nose but only in a plastic bag and directely on the nose for about 20 minutes this made the part of my nose that the ice was on swell up quite a bit making it look like i had a bump again,the bottom of the nose had a firmness which had felt less firm which means it is healing,but were i put the ice has made that part of the nose go firm again,and it is slighlty brused i think as that part is slighlty bule purple,what have i done??

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Ice causing nose to swell

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It is very unlikely that using ice would have caused any long-term problems with your result. When a residual bump is encountered it's usually due to the surgery itself and with time it is more apparent now that the swelling has decreased. The exception to this would be if you had experienced trauma to your nose. At this point, you wait. And no more ice. It doesn't help this far out from surgery anyways. 

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