Septorhinoplasty and Submucous Resecection of Turbinates - Beginnings of Empty Nose Syndrome?

Had this procedure done a week ago and during the day time, there has been a lot of mucous, but the last few nights, I can get some air in through my nose, but it's dry and crusted over and feels better to breathe through my mouth still. My sense of smell and taste is not too bad, but I'm starting to worry I may end up with ENS

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Empty Nose Syndrome and Rhinoplasty

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Empty nose syndrome is very rare after submucous resection and septorhinoplasty. What you are experiencing at this point is most likely a result of the tissues being elevated and the normal healing process. Your post operative instructions probably have you performing salt water rinses to the nose with vaseline/bacitracin/bactroban ointment swabs 2-3 times a day. This is in an effort to keep the nose moisturized and to ensure proper healing. Empty nose syndrome is a specific problem encountered when too much of the mucosa (lining of the nose) has been removed. By removing surface area this causes one to feel obstructed rather than opening the nasal passages up. A submucous resection necessarily leaves the mucosa behind so as to avoid this problem. Do not fret you'll soon be breathing quite well. Good luck!

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