SeptoRhinoPlaste and Steroids. (Please Answer Quickly)

in 1 month I'll be getting a SeptoRhinoPlaste, just a few days ago I found out I had iritus, I'm 15, The eye docter gave me like 3 different types of drops I have to take like every hour. They are some sort of steroids. will this affect my surgery in any way? do I need to delay my surgery? Please answer as quick As you guys can. Thanks.

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Iritis and septorhinoplasty

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The eye drops will not affect the rhinoplasty. You may wish to check with your eye MD to make sure they don't want you to hold off on elective surgery to avoid aggravating the eyes

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Iritis Before Rhinoplasty

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Eye drops will have no effect on your rhinoplasty results. Your surgeon and ophthalmologist together will decide if it is necessary to delay your surgery.

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Steroid eye drops and a rhinoplasty

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First you must find out what the eye drops really are. Do you have an infection? Is it bacterial? If you have a bacterial infection, you should delay the surgery until it is cleared up. Otherwise, a rhinoplasty should not be a problem.however, to be safe you should ask the surgeon who is doing the surgery. Good luck.

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