Had Septorhiniplasty 8/17. Can I Go Back to School 8/29?

I had a deviated septum so I had it fixed, and a bump in my nose filed d own too, I'm 15 and am starting school on Wednesday the 29th. I had the packaging removed this morning, and I'll have the cast removed this Wednesday. What comes after that? I'm worried that I won't be recovered in time for school and will have to walk around with a bandage screaming "I got a nose job", and/or I'll be breathing through my mouth.. help?

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Rhinoplasty healing time

Following a septorhinoplasty, most patients find that they are 'presentable' after about a week. At that point, any splints or sutures are typically removed. And even if you have any bruising from your surgery, this is usually not noticeable by 7-10 days. I have performed rhinoplasty on many students during a break from school or college, and they have never had any problems returning to school after around 10 days. 

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