Is It Swelling or is my Nose Healing This Way?

Septoplasty on Tuesday... Is this how my nose is healing or is this just swelling? I had my deviated septum fixed on Tuesday and it is now Friday, the swelling is expected, but the thing that worries me is the angle it is now at from the front and the side profile is now gone. Is this just because of the swelling or is this how it will heal? From the front view I now look like a "pig" with my nostrils open and showing, and the side is flat and angles up. I told the dr i wanted to look the same and he said ok, I wasn't told it would change at all, and I am freaking out. Thanks.

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Rhinoplasty, septoplasty

Septoplasty should not have all these changes. These changes are associated with collpse of the nose, where the septal cartillage is no longer supporting the nose.

Pictures of before and after is helpfull.

If the nose is collapsed because the septum is gone, then the earlier the resurgery the better in this case, before scaring deforms the soft tissue.

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