Can I Have a Septoplasty Without Having Tip Work? Want Natural Look

I have a deviated septum that has caused the bridge of my nose to look anything but straight. I also have a droopy nose, maybe something similar to the way penelope cruz nose droops.I like the droop my nose has, i just want my septum straightened.I went to a famous rhinoplasty surgeon in BH and he told me he couldn't fix my septum without having to mess with the tip of my nose. He showed me how my nose would look with the tip work and claimed that my nose would collapse w out it. Is this true?

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Tip modification may be necessary

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It is difficult to address your question fully without seeing your photos, however I can say that in the case of a severe deviation, it may be necessary to modify the tip. That being said, you may be able to find a happy medium if you have a frank discussion with your surgeon about your goals and your anatomy. Choosing a surgeon with the same aesthetic preferences and one who values your goals is paramount in choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon. Good luck!

Septoplasty can help nasal function

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You can have a septoplasty without tip work. Of course, this answer may oversimplify the problem that is being addressed with surgery. You speak of a nose that is droopy and is not straight. Those comments describe the appearance of your nose. You make no mention of the functional symptoms. Septoplasty is usually performed to address a functional problem. If functional improvement is all that you seek, then septoplasty should be feasible without this described tip work.

Alexander Gorup, MD
Boca Raton Facial Plastic Surgeon

You can have just a septoplasty

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You can definitely have just a septoplasty without any tip work, since this is done for medical reasons all the time. However, having only a septoplasty without any other work done may not significantly change the shape of your nose, especially if other factors, including the tip of your nose, are involved. Having a crooked nose may involve more than the cartilage of the septum - it may also involve the nasal bones and the cartilages that help shape the tip of your nose. 

You may benefit from having a digital imaging session to better understand what your surgeon is thinking. In my practice, I use digital imaging software to help explain my thoughts on what changes will likely occur after rhinoplasty. My patients can then explain their cosmetic goals and concerns to me. This facilitates communication and helps us all to understand what can, and should, be done during the nose reshaping surgery.

Jen Yuan Chow, MD
Pasadena Facial Plastic Surgeon
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