I Got a Septoplasty, to Straighten My Septum, How Long Do I Need My Splints in For?

I Got a Septoplasty  ,to Straighten my Septum ,I Have Splints ,how Long Do I Need to Have Them in For?

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Splints For a Septoplasty

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The answer depends on why splints were used. Some surgeons use it to simply help push the septal flaps back together. If this was the case, most surgeons will take them out in a week. Sometimes splints are placed because the mucosa (lining over the septal cartilage) has been torn and splints are used to keep the mucosa moist so that it heals better. If this is the case, it is left in place for up to 2 weeks.

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Splints after septoplasty

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Following septoplasty, I typically leave splints in for about a week. However, for certain patients I will leave them in for a longer period. I would recommend contacting your surgeon's office to ask when they will be removed.

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
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I Got a Septoplasty, to Straighten My Septum, How Long Do I Need My Splints in For?

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 It depends on your Rhinoplasty Surgeon and what the splints are being used to accomplish.  I do not use splints for a routine septoplasty unless there has been resection of a synechia.  I use two small pieces of telfa overnight and remove them the first post op day.


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Each patient has specific needs depending on the exact procedure done and each surgeon has different post operative protocol. Call your surgeons office and they will tell you when they plan on removing them. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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