Had Septoplasty 2 months ago, the previously 'good' nostril gets blocked when I sleep on that side now

I've noticed for a while that my nostril that was better before surgery (the one that got the incision) gets very blocked when I sleep on that side. It's doesn't feel like congestion though, more like a weird pressure. It takes from 5 to 30 minutes for it to get back to normal after I get up. I haven't noticed it happening when I sleep on the other side or on my back. And it doesn't happen during the day. What could it be? Is it normal? Shouldn't I be breathing 100% at this point?

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Pressure on one side of the nose 2 months post op

Best from the symptoms you are describing, the condition you are experiencing is most likely called Recumbency Rhinitis. This is caused by the congestion of the inferior turbinate of the side that you sleep on. This can be easily corrected by radio frequency or laser tissue reduction on the turbinate.

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Probably turbinate issues

I am sorry that you are having breathing issues. Sometimes after a septum has been crooked for a long time the turbinate on the open side grows. When the septum is corrected then the larger turbinate blocks one side. Sometimes intranasal steroids help and sometimes a secondary turbinectomy in necessary ot open the blocked side. The septum could also still be crooked. You should check again with your ENT for solutions. There are many different specialists, always consult with a board certified ENT surgeon. Internet conversations do not replace proper consultation with you doctor and examination.

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