Septoplasty irrigation pressure, can it deviate the septum?

11 days post op for a revis open septo rhino. i was irrigating and i tilted my head to drain the saline towards my right nostril i coughed unexpectedly and the solution on my left side put forceful pressure on my septum with jolt of pain. i rinsed out i now feel airflow impairment on my left side. i fear i may have slightly deviated again. is that possible for pressure of water in the nasal cavity to shift the septum in anyway move it? thank-you greatly for reading and hopefully replying..

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Nasal irrigation after nasal septorhinoplasty

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What you experienced was the flow of nasal irrigation moving from your right nostril to the left nostril causing pressure. This can’t cause septal deviation, but excessive pressure may lead to septal perforation. Good luck and good healing.

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