Septoplasty/Least Invasive Rhinoplasty Advice? (photo)

I'm getting my broken nose fix and a Septoplasty. I would like to have a cosmetic adjustment and want the least amount of work done possible. I don't mind the bump I think with a thinner or smaller tip I might look a lot better. Do I need the bridge thinned as well as a tip adjustment? I don't think the Surgeon wants to do bridge work with my newly broken nose. (also I really don't want a sloped upturned nose)

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Septo-rhinoplasty and broken nose

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It is certainly acceptable to undergo a rhinoplasty with a septoplasty and broken nose repair.  The amount of surgery need for the rhinoplasty should be discussed at the time of the consultation.  The amount of change desired in the  nose will guide the surgeon as to how much will need to be performed on the rhinoplasty.  A  large bulbous tip repair with osteotomies is not minimally invasive surgery.  Try computer imaging to help you thru the communication process with your surgeon and make sure that your rhinoplasty surgeon has a lot of experience under their belt

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Septoplasty and/or septorhinoplasty

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Dear Keebeez,  To fix the functional aspects from your fractured nose your surgeon will need to address your septum and possibly your turbinates depending on your functional problems. As far as the cosmetic issues you have a nose that can be easily modified providing a natural appearance and nice aesthetic results. No you do not want an upturned or sloped nose and you need to have the tip projection modified. It is common to re-break the nose or perform osteotomies after a fracture so I see no reason for concern in that regard if that is what you are referring when stating "thinning the bridge." A computer analysis may help you in seeing what your surgeons proposed results are and this should open a discussion in your desires and concerns. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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