Septoplasty Insurance Coverage and Tip Refinement

I have a deviated septum and it makes it hard to breath. I have Medicaid and other insurance but I have been wanting to refine the tip of my nose as well to make everything look better. Will Medicaid cover the septoplasty still, or at all, and will I have to have two separate surgeries, or will I only have to pay for the reshaping?

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Yes, your septoplasty will be covered by insurance

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If you have a deviated septum and have failed medical therapy most insurance companies will cover the correction of a deviated septum. However, in my experience, insurance companies will not cover doing additional surgery to your nose that is cosmetic in nature. That is called a rhinoplasty.

Most surgeons will require some extra fee for the time spent doing this surgery. Also, the facility where you are having the procedure will typically require some payment as well. I have seen a few patients that got "tip work" at the same time as a septoplasty without paying anything extra.

Unfortunately as with most things in life you get what you pay for and these patients have been pretty unhappy with their "free" surgery. Anytime you are considering cosmetic changes to your nose it should be a decision you make carefully, after doing extensive research and having an in depth discussion with your surgeon as to exactly what your goals are and what your surgeon plans to do to meet them. Make sure you research your surgeon as well. Make sure they are very experienced with nasal surgery and can show you results of their work.

I hope this helps.

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Medicaid will pick up the cost of the septoplasty. If it is done through a clinic, they will probably fix your tip with no extra charge. However, tip surgery is usually considered cosmetic.

Best, Dr. S.

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