Imbalances and Breathing Problems After Septoplasty

Had procedure. Was told I had a collapse, then that surgeon "in hindsight should have shaved more off turbinate," and it's probably a nasal valve issue. Quality of life was better before procedure. No one seems to answer the q's regarding symptoms or issues that imply revision. Should I have gotten a rhino too, or was this just a shoddy job? Please let me know!

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Disappointing Septoplasty. What's to Blame

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Regarding ; "Should I have gotten a rhino too, or was this just a shoddy job?" Your question cannot be answered. It is clear that the surgery did not deliver on the promises made to you and you are justifiably disappointed. However, a Septoplasty is a FUNCTIONAL operation done to "open up" the nasal airway and if needed, it commonly done with turbinate procedures. Not sure why this was not done ?appropriately well in your case.

Maybe you should see another rhinoplasty surgeon in consultation to see what would be the best course of action after the swelling has sufficiently subsided.

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