Is septoplasty appropriate for a child?

Our 6 year old daughter had her nose knocked months ago, and we would like to get it straightened now rather than wait until she is in her later teens. It has shifted to the right, and we are concerned that it is quite obvious. Ideally we would like to get her a septoplasty in order to straighten her nose using a splint. Should we do this, or will it straighten out in time?

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Septoplasty in a Child

If a child is younger than 16 years old I would not consider doing a septoplasty unless there is significant nasal airway obstruction or if there is a significant functional problem present.

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If you are asking about blockage of the nostril, then consult an ENT surgeon that can determine the cause and advise you on the proper treatment. If you are talking about rhinoplasty to straighten the nose cosmetically, then the child is too young to undergo a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

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