Will a Septoplasty Fix My Nose?

Hi. I very much like one side of my nose (the side profile and even an angle profile) but not the other side as they are very different will a septoplasty fix this?

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Septoplasty fixes inside of nose

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A septoplasty alone will not straighten the external appearance of the nose.  It will only improve airflow dynamics through the nose.  The septum usually becomes deviated from previous trauma.  A crooked septum often results in reduced airflow through the nose. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is done to correct the external deviation of the nose.  Asymmetrical profiles are usually due to the asymmetrical nasal bones.  The nose bones become crooked from previous injury and that can all be addressed at the time of the rhinoplasty.  The reason that the two bones are asymmetrical is because when they have been fractured there is a long side and a short side of the triangle.

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Septoplasty will correct the deviated septum and will improve on breathing problems if they are due to the deviated septum.

Septal reconstruction may also help in the severly crocked nose.

External changes to the nose, nasal hump, tip work and narrowing the nose are cosmetic and need work seperately, as in cosmetic rhinoplasty.

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Septoplasty and rhinoplasty

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Based on the couple of photos that you have uploaded, it appears that you have some external nose features that you seem to want corrected.  Usually the hump on the nose, is adressed by a rhinoplasty.  The hump can be a result of both a prominent septum and a prominent junction of the septum and the bony part of the nose and prominence of the bony part of the nose. 

A septoplasty usually does not correct all of these changes.  You will benefit from a rhinoplasty and if you have interanal septal deviation that is making it hard for you to breath, then you will benefit from a septoplasty as well. Sometimes a septoplasty is needed to harvest some cartilage during a rhinoplasty.

A good examination and discussion with a plastic surgeon will help you decide what type of operation you will need.

Septoplasty and rhinoplasty

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Septoplasty corrects the internal deviation of the nasal septum - if there is one.  This can allow you to breath better but if the septum is also causing nasal deviation then the correction of a crooked septum may straighten a crooked nose out as well.  But other changes such as removing a hump or bump or changing the tip of the nose having very little to do with a septoplasty.  These desired changed are improved with a rhinoplasty.

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