Septoplasty for Deviated Septum - Problem 4 Months Later

I had a Septoplasty 4 months ago & was breathing/sleeping great for the 1st time in @ 10 yrs. I broke my nose in two spots in the past, as a result it was slightly crooked, not too obvious, but breathing/sleeping were horrible. Hoping to finally fix the problem I met with a plastic surgeon who said I had a deviated septum and that he and an ENT would do the surgery. @ 2 weeks ago one nostril shut down again. Reasons, options-any info/ advise please... It would be so appreciated!

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I would advise returning to your surgeons for evaluation.  It sounds like you may be having some normal post operative swelling.  You could also be having some  nasal valve collapse or the septum may have dislocated to one side.  If your nasal valve is collapesed or if your septum has dislocated, you will require revision surgery.  I would not consider this for some time.   I would recommend a surgeon who is comfortable with performing both a rhinoplasty and septoplasty, as the two surgeries are inseperable.  Rhinoplasty is a very complicated surgery and requires extensive training.  I would suggest seeing a Facial Plastic Surgeon if you require revision surgery, as they have the most extensive training regarding rhinoplasty.  Warmest regards, Dr. Pippin.

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