Had Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery. Nostrils Are Uneven and Face is Sunken? (photo)

I had a septoplasty along with opening of some sinus cavities for facial/head pressure. The doctor did the surgery but now I am experiencing uneven nostrils with an indentation on the right side of the nostril. I also would like to know can I file a lawsuit against this doctor because he told me that there would not be any changes in the appearance of my nose and he created new sinus openings in the sinus cavities. If I knew all the information I know now I would not had the surgery.

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Septoplasty and sunken face

Approximately 5% of patients having septoplasty can have altered nasal shape especially in the area just above the tip.  In the extreme condition a saddle nose deformity can occur.  Without pre op pictures and a post op profile it is very difficult to determine how your nose has changed  Because external change is a known risk of the procedure even in very experienced hands the chances of successful litigation are very small.

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