Does a Septoplasty and Alar Base Reduction Count As a Primary Rhinoplasty?

I had alar base reduction and a septoplasty done- The septo was 4 both breathing and cosmetic reasons as the nose was twisting slightly to the side. Now I'd also like to have the bridge of my nose project forward less so that my nose looks smaller in profile view. There are doctors that will only do primaries and will not do revisions. So do a septo and slight alar base reduction count as a "primary rhinoplasty"?

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Septoplasty is not a Primary Rhinoplasty

Your prior nose procedures of septoplasty and alar base reduction do not constitute a primary rhinoplasty. Your external nose is untouched and unscarred. Hump reduction can be done as a primary rhinoplasty just as if you never had any nose procedures at all.

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