Septocolumellar Suture Removal Possible? (photo)

4 ks ago my nose was shortened and my tip was turned up via a septocolumellar suture. i am EXTREMELY unhappy with the results since I wanted to maintain the ethnic look of my nose (long and downturned). can i have these sutures removed? how soon? will it require local or general anesthesia? will it be an open or closed procedure? i never wanted an upturn short nose so i shouldn't have to deal with this for a year. also my PS said it won't come down much.

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Lengthening Nose

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Your tip can be repositioned but i would wit several months for the swelling to decrease which in itself may result in the appearance of decreased rotation. If septal and tip cartilages have not been removed this can be accomplished by removing sutures placed during the original surgery, but it may be necessary to change your profile. 

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