Septo-rhinoplasty Post Op 8 Weeks Unhappy with Nostrils, Normal? (Photos)

I had a septo-rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago and Im unhappy with the evenness of my nostrils along with what appears to be bulging into my nostril by part of my septum? Any advice how to remedy this. I had the procedure done in Boston, Ma and I live in upstate NY so I havent seen my surgeon since.

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Septo-rhinoplasty Post Op 8 Weeks Unhappy with Nostrils, Normal? (Photos)

8 weeks still early but I do see the concerns. After waiting at least 4 months post op I would discuss these issues with the surgeon or obtain an in person second opinion. My guess is you will need revision. Sorry. 

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Asymetric Nostrils after Rhinoplasty


Most patients have asymmetric nostrils to start with. The left and right side of the face are not the same in shape. It may be that you noticed the difference after the surgery. Also part of the asymmetry could still be related to swelling.



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Nostril still asymmetric after rhinoplasty

It is evident on the pictures before that one nostril is narrower and smaller than the opposite side, and much has not changed in your 'after picture'. You should have your surgeon take a look, and you might recall how this was discussed and handled before your procedure. If you like the rest of nose, let things heal fully before you decide that a revision is worth the effort.

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