Septorhinoplasty 2 Months Ago and my Nose Hasn't Changed a Bit? (photo)

Still Very Crooked, Still Can't Breathe Through One Nostril? I had a septo/rhinoplasty about 8 weeks ago to fix the crookedness and to get rid of the hump on the bridge of the nose and my nose still looks exactly the same as before the surgery. After 8 weeks It's hard to believe that my nose is still crooked from swelling. I also still can't breath through my right nostril and the breathing is EXACTLY the same as before the surgery. I could see an improvement in the hump but there is still a small hump on my nose. Help

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Minimal change after Rhinoplasty

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Every experienced nose surgeon has had a patient with your concerns at some time or another. It is frustrating for both patient and doctor. First off,relax, it may take 12-18 months to be able to realize the full benefit of the procedure. Causes for early asymetry include previous trauma weakening the basic supporting elements of the nose, sleeping on your side( may cause the swelling to pull the strucure to one side).

 Especially if you have thick skin, you will be prone to hold onto swelling longer, making the nose look larger. Sometimes steroid injections may be helpful. Watching the salt in your diet may help the swelling go faster.

External pressure exercises may help, ask your doctor if they would be appropriate for you. Small humps after nose surgery are common. The nasal bones form a callous as they heal. For most patients this will flatten as the healing progresses.

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